Latest Microsoft Edge Dev update brings dark mode improvements and lots of fixes

Arif Bacchus

On-time with the weekly Wednesday release, Microsoft has just pushed out another Edge Dev build. Coming in at build 86.0.608.2 this week, new in this release are some dark theme improvements, as well as the usual bug fixes. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

With the expanded dark mode improvements, you should now see support for dark theme in website controls like dropdowns, calendars, and more. Also new is a management policy for Kiosk Delete Downloads on exit. Finally, new is support for the Chromium management policy for a user data snapshot retention limit.

Microsoft has also fixed an issue where opening a PWA or installed website sometimes crashed the browser. They’ve also fixed an issue where some websites don’t load properly when Quiet Notifications are enabled. You can see the full list at Microsoft, and have a peek below for some of the most notable:

  • Fixed a crash when opening DirectInvoke programs.
  • Fixed a crash when switching browser profiles.
  • Fixed a crash when using Guided Switch to switch browser profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the fullscreen Shy UI sometimes doesn’t respond to input.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shy UI window control buttons (minimize, close, etc.) don’t respond to touchscreen presses or show hover state when the mouse hovers over them.
  • Fixed an issue where going through the Collections First Run Experience creates an extra Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where saving PDFs that are embedded in webpages sometimes results in the file being saved as an HTML file instead of a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where MsEdgeDriver fails to launch Edge when running inside a Windows docker container.

In addition to last week’s known issues with the browser not working macOS Big Sur, and the persistent problems with scrolling, YouTube, and duplicate favorites, there’s a new one this week. Microsoft notes that certain websites like Discord currently aren’t loading in Edge Dev, but a fix will be integrated into the Canary branch. Other issues with multiple audio outputs, wobbling when scrolling, Edge windows becoming black, duplicate favorites, also still are happening in this release.

Outside of today’s Edge Dev branch news, there are some other notable stories surrounding Microsoft’s browser. Edge Canary can now generate QR codes to share images with mobile devices. It’s also worth noting that support for legacy Edge and Internet Explorer will be ending soon in 2021, too.