Google’s new Stadia game platform tries to get jump on E3 with June 6th webcast

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If Microsoft is expected to share more details about its Project xCloud service at E3 2019, it seems that Google will try to lead the game streaming narrative this week with a first Stadia Connect livestream on Thursday, June 6. The teaser kicks off with a “Some news can’t wait for E3,” and it goes on to reveal that Google will finally announce a launch date, game announcements, and pricing details during the event.

Google first reveal its Stadia game streaming service back at the Game Developers Conference in March, but at the time Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the upcoming Doom Eternal. However, Stadia will be the first next-gen gaming platform, and the Linux-based platform will delivering 10 teraflops of computing power, with the ability to play at 4K/60 fps on all devices including phones.

For now, Stadia’s killer feature seems to be the deep synergies with YouTube, which will allow consumers to start playing Stadia games from YouTube within seconds. However, gaming is a brand new territory for Google, and the company may struggle to get developers to port their games to Stadia. Anyway, Google holding a first Stadia Connect event ahead of E3 2019 is a pretty bold move, and the Xbox team will likely pay close attention to it.

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