Fable Legends Xbox One release date revealed

Fable Legends Xbox One release date revealed

The official release date for Fable Legends has just been dropped during an Xbox wrap-up video for this year’s San Diego Comic-con; October 13th.

Fable Legends is a major project for Microsoft and will be one of the first games to feature true cross-play between Xbox One and PC players through the unified Windows 10 operating system.  The game is based within the same fictitious world of the previous Fable games that appeared on the Xbox 360 but instead of featuring a main single player story mode, will instead focus on online multiplayer strategy and combat.

Fable Legends will be a free download for all Xbox One owners and PC players with online play requiring an Xbox Live Gold membership. Players will be given a small selection of free rotating characters to play as every month and the game will support itself by allowing players to buy individual characters for permanent use with the added option of paid customizable costumes and items.

A date for the Xbox One’s update which will incorporate the Windows 10 operating system has yet to be released but with Fable Legends coming in October, it’s safe to assume that it should be released sometime before then.

Will you be playing Fable Legends on Xbox One or PC? Let the world know in the comments below.

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