Enpass brings 'full time' Windows Hello support to its Universal Windows 10 app

Enpass, a popular alternative to LastPass, is a password management tool. It allows you to securely store passwords for websites and services that you use so that you never have to remember a password again (well, except your master password).

In its latest update for its Universal Windows app, the company has added what it calls 'full time' Windows Hello support, allowing you to unlock the app by utilising Windows Hello features, such as authenticating with your eyes. With this, you won't even need to remember a master password. Passwords begone!

In its statement of the update, Enpass notes that this feature should have been there "right from the start", however, they explained that they wanted to get this right, and as such, they took their time, in order to avoid a 'hampered' experience.

Along with this update also comes support for time-based one-time passwords. This allows you to create a one-time password that expires after a set period of time, effectively removing the need for you to use alternative authentication apps.

One other change that may help those who like to read what they're seeing is pronounceable password generation. Normally, the built-in password generator would provide a series of random strings as a password, which of course, is secure - but not always desired. From now on, you will be able to generate strong yet memorable passwords, with them now including pronounceable words; you'll also be able to adjust the format of these, by opting to include digits and separators between the words.

Password generator settings
Password generator settings

As expected, the update also brings several bug fixes and a couple new options, such as being able to change the category of passwords and see the history of password changes in the details screen.


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