New updates to OneNote Class Notebook make it easier to review student work

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OneNote is quickly becoming the educational webbing for a growing number of students and teachers as Microsoft continues to build new and innovative features into the software.

The most recent update to OneNote happens to be to the specialized version called Class Notebook add-in, where improvements to student work review, Notebook and student mapping as well as additional LMS support for SEQTA were included.

These requests are all now possible with the new OneNote Class Notebook add-in (version and use the familiar bold convention to denote the unread status.

New updates to onenote notebook make it easier to review student work - onmsft. Com - december 14, 2016

Read/unread support in the Review Student Work pane.

Improvements to notebook and student mapping

  • Notebook mapping—If your notebook name and LMS/SIS course name match, the Class Notebook add-in will automatically map the two together.
  • Student mapping—If the format of your students is <LASTNAME>, <FIRSTNAME>, the student names will be automatically mapped.

A few more improvements and detailed summary

We have provided additional LMS support for SEQTA by adding assignment and grading integration. Also, we made some performance improvements to help speed up page distribution.

The OneNote team is also offering a detailed breakdown of features and fixes that have come to Class Notebooks over the last four months which include information on Schoology Sign-in fixes and general performance improvements. Most of this additional information can be found at the bottom of the Class Notebook add-in support page for users.

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