DirectX 12 footage impresses at Build 2015

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Directx 12 footage impresses at build 2015

It’s an exciting time for graphic buffs with the release of DirectX 12 on the horizon. The latest iteration of the Direct X API promises to grant game developers easier access to the full potential of CPUs and greater control over PC graphics cards and so far previews of DirectX 12 in action have lived up to the hype.

On Day 2 of Build 2015, Microsoft showed off the potential of DirectX 12 through a presentation designed by Japanese developer, Sqaure Enix. The brief presentation, which you can watch below, uses elements from Final Fantasy 15 to illustrate just how far graphics have improved with deliberate focus on lighting, skin, and hair rendering with a boast of over 63 million polygons being used at a time. It’s pretty impressive.

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API will launch with Windows 10 later in the year. Final Fantasy 15 has been teased for a couple of years now and is expected to release on Xbox One sometime before the end of 2015 though no official date has been mentioned. Are you excited about this next leap in game graphics?

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