NVIDIA releases a new DirectX 12 driver for the Windows 10 Insider Preview

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Nvidia releases a new directx 12 driver for the windows 10 insider preview

This is for those of you running the Windows 10 Insider Preview on select NVIDIA graphics cards. A new DirectX 12-capable driver is now available for you to download.

NVIDIA recommends you download and install its latest 352.62 Beta driver on Windows 10, although it only works on Maxwell and Kepler-based GPUs, which is limited to the GeForce GT/GTX 900, 700, and 600 series graphics cards only. The drivers will enable you to take advantage of DirectX 12 in Windows 10, which has demonstrated some very impressive and promising results in the past few months.

You can download both notebook and desktop version of the driver over at the download link below, and while there aren’t any major DirectX 12 games out yet for you to try, you can still download the 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test to benchmark Microsoft’s latest low-level graphics API right now.

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