Details on Microsoft's Project Osaka, a collaborative data tool, leak out

If you've been curious to learn more about Microsoft's trial CollabDB project , you might be interested to find out that it supposedly now called Project Osaka.

According to a report from Petri, a preview page for Project Osaka has leaked just recently. It reveals that the new tool will help businesses "Create and share tables with your team". Of course, clicking on the 'Get Started' button doesn't do much for accounts that aren't approved.

Microsoft CollabDB or Project Osaka

The tool sounds similar to Microsoft's competitor, Google Sheets, where teams will be able to organize information and collaborate in real time with co-workers. Petri even went so far as to speculate that its introduction to Office 365 might be only with Enterprise packages.

But is it even really a 'new tool'? According to Walking Cat, an often reliable informer, Project Osaka could very well be the same as CollabDB which was also in private testing for the last two years. As seen in the image, requesting to sign up for Osaka needs to go through the [email protected] email. Furthermore, visiting takes the user to

Unfortunately, the page seems to only be working for some users while others are met with an "internal server error".

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