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Cortana may soon help you navigate Windows with “Follow Me”

In a tweet last night, Microsoft tipster WalkingCat (@h0X0d) released a preview of another new and upcoming Windows feature, Cortana’s “Follow Me.”

In the tweet, WalkingCat shows that instead of Cortana directing you to a Microsoft website or help menu on how to access a Windows 10 feature, Cortana talks you through the process. In this case, Cortana is helping the user add a new Bluetooth device to their Windows 10 PC. If you want to exit Cortana’s voice directions at any point, you can press Esc, and continue through the process yourself.

This Cortana feature can be especially helpful for new Windows 10 users who are coming from a different platform, like Android or iOS. There is no information on how to activate this Cortana feature yet, but it certainly will be helpful. No word yet if this will be available in the upcoming Fall Creators Update or be added later in a later Windows 10 update.

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What other ways could Cortana's "Follow Me" feature be used in Windows 10?