Poll: How do you run Windows Insider builds?

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Hey, it happens. Sometimes Windows Insider builds, like any beta software, are buggy. Our own Kareem Anderson has been experiencing some frustrations with the latest Windows 10 Insider PC build 15002, and as it so happens my phone is downloading the “Localization for English” update, aka build 14998 for Windows 10 Mobile (wish me luck!).

Some Windows Insiders just grit their teeth and run the latest Fast Ring offering on their main or only PC, hoping to get their hands on all the latest cool new stuff as soon as possible, and hoping to avoid showstopping bugs in the process. Others run Windows Insider builds in a VM, or on a secondary machine.

What do you do? Let us know by voting in the poll below:

Do you live life in the fast lane? Do you check out the latest builds, but with some protection for your main machine, or do you shy away from potential problems altogether? Let us know by taking the poll and tell us about your Windows Insider setup in the comments below!

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