Yammer now integrates with Office 365 Groups in latest update

In a LinkedIn post, Kevin Crossman, Microsoft MVP and IT Collaboration and Content Manager at Juniper Networks, explains the new integration of Yammer with Office 365. Crossman goes over some of the advantages to having Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups.

"Following the past Office 365 Groups releases, the creation of new Yammer Groups now automatically initiates a new Office 365 Group for maintaining group membership. Importantly, this will also automatically provide a SharePoint Site and Document Library, a OneNote Notebook, and a Planner site for that Office 365 Connected Yammer Group."

Crossman believes the new update for Office 365 Groups will revitalize Yammer as an enterprise social network that will help people collaborate more efficiently using "Microsoft's robust document management and task-management platforms." With Yammer integration, Office 365 users can create an Office 365 Group using their Outlook email address or Yammer.

Here is an video showing Yammer in action.


By using Yammer with Office 365 Groups, enterprise users now have access to a SharePoint team site, a SharePoint document library, a OneNote notebook, a plan in Planner and a PowerBI workspace. Microsoft plans to add the ability to include a shared Outlook calendar for Office 365 Groups sometime soon.

Microsoft goes over the configuration requirements needed for Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups.

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