Xbox rumored to be holding E3-style showcase in June

Robert Collins

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If E3 returns again in 2022, it will most likely be a virtual event as was last years (the event was cancelled altogether in 2020). Over the last couple years the first party console manufacturers have been trying to fill the void with their own showcase events – Nintendo with their Nintendo Direct events; Sony with PlayStation Showcase and PlayStation State of Play; and Microsoft with Inside Xbox and Xbox Games Showcase.

Other Xbox related events have been held during this time to keep fans abreast of all the biggest Xbox news and game reveals, such as the [email protected] Showcase slated for this week, highlighting the most exciting things going on with the indie game scene.

But it appears that the folks at Xbox may be planning an E3-scale event for June. At least, that is the speculation that has been reported by GamesRadar+ and other outlets. The rumor comes via industry insider and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who said in a livestreamed video on his YouTube channel back on March 11, in part, “They’re talking to partners to get big games in there. That is ongoing right now and it’s March, so it’s not like they can change that train or turn that big ship around. They are heading in that direction and they’re going to do something in that timeframe.” Grubb also suggested that Xbox may be planning smaller events in May and/or September.

Whether these rumors come to fruition only time will tell. But it does seem reasonable that Microsoft would make such a move, with a big slate of high-profile exclusives, such as Starfield and Redfall set to make this an important year for the Series X/S console.