Xbox One adds Groove Music and keeps Xbox Video

Xbox One adds Groove Music and keeps Xbox Video

With the official rollout of the new Windows 10 operating system on PCs and the public rebranding of Microsoft’s Xbox Music service as Groove Music this week, the Xbox One console has updated to reflect this change. The Xbox One Xbox Music app has now been converted to Groove Music and while it functions almost identically to the previous app, more significant changes are expected to come when Windows 10 comes to the Xbox One later this year.

Interestingly, while the Xbox Video app on PC has been changed to either Film & TV or Movies & TV depending on your region, the app has retained its Xbox Video name on Xbox One. It will likely get an update with the arrival of Windows 10 but it is odd it wasn’t changed along with Groove Music.

One reason for keeping the app as Xbox Video on the Xbox One right now is that one of the main store categories on the console is currently called Movies & TV. This category lists media for users to buy or rent from several different companies. While there is also a Music category in the Xbox One store, the new Groove Music name identifies itself as a unique service. An app with a generic name like, Movies & TV wouldn’t promote Microsoft’s online media store well at all.

Some changes will definitely have to be made to the way media is sold on the Xbox One. It could be possible that they may stick with the Xbox Video branding on the Xbox One console itself while keeping the more generally named Films & TV/Movies & TV apps on Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft could also decide that they need a new brand altogether for their visual media and if Groove Music catches on they could make that change. What do you think they should do? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below.

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