Microsoft planning a 'long-term' investment for Xbox in China

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We reported earlier this week on the China’s shifting attitudes towards video games. As of last week, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China removed its long-standing restrictions on video game development and distribution in the area. The news gave video game vendors such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft renewed life in a growing market. We also noted that the potential gaming demographic providers would like to target will require specialized local efforts that vastly differ from other countries. With PC and casual gaming gaining in popularity combined with rampant piracy, video game developers, and console makers will have their work cut out for themselves.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer responded to the news of China’s new attitude towards gaming as well as what Microsoft and the Xbox team have in store for the Chinese market. VentureBeat reported on the keynote Spencer gave at the ChinaJoy trade expo. During his keynote, Spencer talked up the strategy the Xbox One would bring to China. He highlighted the goal of giving Chinsese developers access to global markets. Spencer also talked about investments and partnerships Microsoft and the Xbox team are making with local companies to help deliver a localized gaming experience to China’s gaming community.

"We know this is a long-term investment for Xbox," Spencer said. "We have teams here investing and are committed to growing this business slowly. But most importantly, we are doing it in collaboration with the industry. What is missing so far is a game developed in China, and games locally developed in China that are reaching large global audiences. Hopefully, all of us together can strive for that success point. There is nothing more critical to me in bringing Xbox to China than unlocking the potential of developers here."

With sales of the Xbox One off to a slow start in China, Microsoft may be on the long path to achieving its goals, if ever.

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