Xbox is best selling console in the US for third month in a row

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The Xbox team has done it again has done it again: for the third month in a row, Microsoft’s Xbox One was the best-selling console in the US, according to the latest data from industry-tracking firm The NPD Group (via VentureBeat). The news is quite encouraging for the Xbox team considering that Sony released a slimmer Playstation 4 model in mid-September and also announced the more powerful Playstation 4 Pro to be released next month.

Microsoft released its new Xbox One S back in August but the company has been dominating console sales in the US since July. It’s safe to say that the sleeker and affordable new console plus great new Xbox exclusives in September have helped the Xbox One to keep enjoying some well-deserved momentum.

In a statement provided to VentureBeat, Xbox marketing exec Mike Nichols added:

We received an incredible response to Forza Horizon 3, the No. 1 first-party title for September in the U.S., Australia, and U.K. according to NPD Group and GfK Entertainment UK. Global engagement on Xbox Live – the fastest, most reliable gaming network – continues to grow and the number of unique multiplayer users increased 57 percent year-over-year. With the blockbuster launch of Gears of War 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10 this week and the upcoming release of Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live alongside the launches of Dead Rising 4, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall 2, and Watch Dogs 2 in the coming months, Xbox is the best place to game this holiday.

As we’re nearing the holiday season, the competition between Sony and Microsoft will soon get more intense as the Japanese company will have new products and experiences on the market such as Playstation VR and the more powerful Playstation 4 Pro. However, it remains to be seen if console gamers really do care about VR games or 4K or if they will just keep looking for the best value proposition.  Sound off in the comments if you think the Xbox One could keep beating the PS4 in the coming months.

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