Xbox Game Pass for PC will drop its beta tag and double its price on September 17

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It’s been a little more than a year since Microsoft launched Xbox Game Pass for PC in beta during E3 2019, and the subscription service will finally drop its beta tag next week. Starting September 17, the $4.99/month introductory price will also double to $9.99/month, matching Xbox Game Pass for console.

If you’re already an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscriber, you’ll get to keep paying just $4.99 for the next billing cycle, which is better than nothing. Xbox Game Pass for PC will continue to provide access to over 100 quality PC games, and Microsoft announced yesterday that EA Play games will be included for free later this year.

Xbox Game Pass for PC will still provide great value at $9.99/month, but the $14.99/month Ultimate tier is even better if you have an Xbox console and an Android phone. With Xbox Game Pass, you also get Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Live Gold, as well as 100 Xbox games available on Android via Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming technology (Project xCloud), which will officially launch on September 15. Later this year, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also include EA Play on Console and PC at no additional cost.

Thanks to Xbox Game Pass for PC, we’ve seen some great games from Bethesda, Sega, and other big publishers coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. Thanks to Microsoft’s new partnership with EA, EA Play PC games are also coming to the Store, which is a pretty big deal. There are still some pretty big differences between the Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC catalogs, but it’s not impossible that we’ll one day see blockbuster games like The Witcher 3 or GTA V land on Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

If you have yet to try Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can still get your first month for just $1. Microsoft is offering a similar deal for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is also $1 instead of $14.99 for your first month of subscription.

PC Game Pass
PC Game Pass
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate