Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 15 and Microsoft really wants you to switch

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Support for Windows Server 2003 is ending on July 15th 2015 and with it comes some strong wording from Microsoft encouraging users to switch to a newer server. Support for Windows Server 2003 ending gives Microsoft an opportunity to switch more users to the cloud.

Microsoft has some words of warning for those who plan to run the older server after the July 15th cut off “You probably also know what may happen when support ends: failure to meet industrywide compliance or lost business, to name a couple of possibilities.” It’s not as though these words are unjustified. Running on unsupported servers actually does present risks.

Their solution to this is to have users of servers switch to the more modern cloud. Microsoft pushes and will continue to push “cloud first, mobile first” to their customers. A large market for Microsoft is that of enterprise users who also make up large parts of their server business.

It’s reasonable of Microsoft to push businesses away from a server that’s now twelve years old but business often cling to older company-wide technology due to the large scope of upgrading across an entire business.

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