Windows Server 2003 support to end July 2015 says Microsoft -
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Windows Server 2003 support to end July 2015 says Microsoft


It is a simple fact that, in the world of technology, nothing ever stays still. As time goes by and research is conducted, the building blocks of our software and hardware become more powerful and complex almost with every passing day. As such, the needs of the consumer, and of the business world, are largely different and more advanced than those of around ten years ago.

Therefore it makes sense that Microsoft, keen to keep on top of their main revenue stream, has announced that those firms still running Windows Server 2003, ought to prepare to upgrade. Support for this software will end in July of 2015, customers are advised to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. This will allow greater interaction with the cloud and other modern services offered to the enterprise market through technology, such as big data, organizational savings and improved reaction times.

Windows Server 2003

Joe McKendrick, contributor to Forbes Insights, states,

"The software and underlying hardware in Windows Server 2003 was not designed to run or effectively integrate with today’s generation of applications, or to support greater mobility and cloud access. Small and midsize businesses now have compelling choices for advancing into the digital era. They can continue to build, deploy and maintain applications and data in-house, through a powerful new generation of resident servers; go to the cloud for the same resources; or employ a combination of both in-house and cloud technologies for their needs."

With many small and medium-sized businesses relying on outdated tech, it makes sense to upgrade, though whether Microsoft has offered a compelling enough reason to do so is yet to be seen. Upgrades involve training, funds and (most importantly) will, things that those who Redmond targets may not possess in significant enough quantities. For them, it isn't a simple change of software, it can mean an entirely different business model.

Is your firm running Windows Server 2003? Will they be making the upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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