Windows Phone enthusiast manage to run Windows RT and Windows 10 on old Lumia phones

The latest version of Windows Phone Internals, a tool which makes it possible to root any Lumia phone is making enthusiasts more creative than ever. Just a couple days after the release of Windows Phone Internals (WIP) 2.3, developer Gustave M. Has managed to install both Windows RT and Windows 10 on a Lumia 830 (via Windows Latest).

Please note that this is highly experimental, and the developer actually didn’t manage to get the touchscreen working in both cases. WPI does allow anyone to get full access to Lumia phones and install unsupported operating systems, so we can probably expect many more interesting hacks in the future.

Following the release of WIP 2.3 last week, developer Heathcliff explained in a video that he's interested in bringing Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile, something that Microsoft did plan to do at some point with Project Astoria. "I will do some research to see if it’s possible to port the early implementation of Project Astoria to the latest 10M builds," Heathcliff explained. "Of Course I have no idea if that’s really possible, we’ll have to see," he continued. This sounds much more useful than running full Windows 10 on a smartphone, if we're being honest.

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