Windows Phone Ad network AdDuplex now offering its SDK for Windows 10

Image Credit: AdDuplex

During Microsoft’s //Build/ 2015 developer conference, the company talked up the benefits of a unified Windows Store. In conjunction with developers adopting the Windows Universal App language, the Windows Store would help combine developer efforts from mobile, Xbox, and PCs to help developers reach a broader audience base.

Windows 10 is now out and about and landing on millions of PCs across 190 countries so far. In addition to the release of Windows 10, Microsoft also announced yesterday that Visual Studio 2015 now has tools that allow developers to build Windows Universal Apps and submit them to the Windows Store. As developers begin to publish apps on the new Windows Universal platform, many will be looking for new ways to monetize their new audience.

AdDuplex, which is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows is now delivering a Windows 10 SDK. To date, the AdDuplex SDK will be the first native Windows 10 cross-promotion network established for Windows 10. According to the AdDuplex team, the SDK will also signal the first ad SDK for developers Universal Windows Platform apps.

While AdDuplex previously focused on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps, the team decided on taking a different approach for its Windows 10 SDK. With more than eight times the amount of Windows Phone apps on their network in comparison to Windows 8 apps, the Windows 10 SDK was built on top of the Windows Phone network branch. The Windows Phone ad network already had interstitial support as well as more streamlined ad formats, so the decision to incorporate the Windows Phone system over the languishing Windows 8 network made obvious sense. According to AdDuplex, “even Microsoft admits that Store apps never really took off on Windows, even with a much broader user base than that of WP.”

There are some known issues regarding the new SDK:

There could be some issues if you add a “close ad” button in the corner of the ad control. We are working on fixing this and improving the overall process for implementing such a button. We recommend that you refrain from implementing it with this version of the SDK.

Even though the Windows 10 SDK is “beta quality”, it will support banners and interstitial with the same spec support that is present for Windows Phone apps. The SDK also promises those who are already familiar with the AdDuplex client, an easy set up process.

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