Windows 10's 'Spartan' browser will allow users to annotate the web, integrate with Cortana and more

Windows 10

Yesterday, we finally got our first look at the Spartan browser coming in Windows 10. From the images, we can tell that the UI is very clean and lightweight, something very refreshing for Microsoft users. Today, more information about said Spartan browser has leaked, detailing some of the many new features which we'll most likely get to play with soon.

Among the list of new features is the ability to annotate the web, something that isn't currently available natively in other browsers. Users will be able to use a stylus and make notes and drawings on a webpage, which can then be shared with a group of users who can collaborate and annotate the page together.

Furthermore, it appears Cortana will integrate directly with the Spartan browser. Cortana will surface information such as flights, hotel bookings and more. In fact, she'll replace pretty much all elements of "Bing", which is currently used a fair bit within Internet Explorer 11. You'll also be able to group tabs together, which will help keep things organized.

The browser will be updated via the Windows Store, and will be similar across phone, tablet and PC. Initially however, the desktop version of the browser will not be a Modern UI app, but that will change. Microsoft will make it a universal app at some point in the future, however user-experiences on both types of browser will be identical.

Microsoft is expected to talk more about Spartan at its January 21st event, which WinBeta will be attending. Stay tuned for more regarding Windows 10 and the Spartan browser!

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