Windows 10 Your Phone app can now display your last 2,000 photos

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Microsoft's Your Phone app for Windows 10 provides users of the desktop operating system a great way to keep up with texts, photos, and notifications from their Android devices without the need to pick it up and interrupting productivity. However, one of the annoying limitations that users face is that it only shows 25 of the most recent photos.

The good news is, users of the Your Phone app should now be able to access 2,000 of their most recent photos, something that's sure to please phone photographers and frequent selfie-takers who snap a lot of photos. The new feature was previously available in limited A/B testing for Windows Insiders, but has now become more generally available thanks to user feedback.

While Microsoft’s continued commitments on Your Phone app looks promising, the app still doesn’t quite live up to the strong integration between, say, an iPhone and a Mac. Of course, the company’s work is far from over yet, and there’s even a report that suggests Your Phone will soon sport clipboard syncing on Android devices.

In the mean time, the company is continuing to receive and evaluate user feedback, introducing new features as it sees fit. What do you think of the app so far?

Your phone
Your phone
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

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