Windows 10 Twitter app updates with improvements to lists, DMs, and support for WebM videos

Brad Stephenson

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A plethora of minor and major updates have been recently pushed out to the Twitter Progressive Web App which powers the official Windows 10 Twitter app.

Among the improvements are added list functionality, better DM filtering, and support for videos in the WebM video format.

Here’s the full release notes:


  • Tweets: Coming to Twitter from an external source, such as an embedded or shared Tweet? You’ll now have a richer landing experience, including replies and other relevant Tweets!
  • Lists: See the best content from your lists! You can now switch between viewing list timelines in “top” or “latest” modes.
  • DMs: Messages that are considered spammy should now be tombstoned properly so you can decide whether you want to see them or not.


  • Media: You can now upload your WebM format videos!
  • Lists: The “Add/remove from Lists” option is now available under the Tweet carat menu, making it easier to update List members!
  • Profiles: Clicking “Show more” under Who to follow now takes you to a page with better recommendations and more organization. pe.
  • Tweets: You can now select “I don’t like this ad” for promoted content even when viewing the tweet detail.
  • DMs: Composing longer DMs is now easier! The composer will now expand depending on the length of your message.
  • Events: Carousel now allows some vertical scrolling for increased usability.
  • Lists: The creation and edit screen for lists is now a modal.
  • Topics: Notifications from topics now display an appropriate icon.


  • Account: Deactivating an account when in Firefox incognito now works properly.
  • Tweets: When self-threading and replying to your own tweets, people you’ve mentioned will no longer be included automatically.
  • DMs: Undoing your DM reactions dismisses the summary modal properly.
  • DMs: If you’re scrolled up in the DM conversation view, sending a new message will scroll you to the bottom.
  • Tweets: If you’ve scheduled replies to tweets that have been deleted, these will now be handled properly, and rendered in the scheduled tweets view correctly.
  • Search: Text shown in the search dropdown will now truncate properly.

Do you use the official Windows 10 Twitter app or do you prefer a third-party solution? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter for more app updates.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free