Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone to arrive in 2015, says Joe Belfiore

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Windows 10 technical preview for windows phone to arrive in 2015, says joe belfiore

Loving the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your computer? Would you like to try it on your phone? Well, that won’t be happening soon. As we had heard before, Microsoft isn’t going to release an ARM-supported Windows 10 Technical Preview until next year, Windows Phone Chief Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter.

Mobile devices including your Windows Phone-powered smartphone, Surface RT, and Surface 2 run on the ARM-processor. As of now, the Windows 10 Technical Preview has only been made for x86 systems.  "Right now tech preview is for x86 PCs. ARM devices and phones, not 'til well into 2015," Belfiore said in a reply to a fan's tweet.  "The purpose of going out this early on the PC is largely to get enterprise/corporate feedback. More later," he said in another reply.

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone is expected to be released sometime in January or February next year. When it arrives, the operating system is expected to come with split-screen multi-tasking feature for handsets with 4.9-inch or larger displays. In addition, it is also slated to bring actionable notifications where a user will be able to respond to notifications without having to open the app.

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