Windows 10 reportedly reaches 53 million downloads

We reported over the weekend that Windows 10 is running on over 50 million devices. A new report from Neowin backs up our initial statistic and clarifies that Windows 10 has reached 53 million installs according to their sources. Additionally, StatCounter states that number of devices running Windows 10 constitutes 4.95% of the operating system market.
Windows 10 is a free upgrade to many users and is easy to upgrade to from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The instillation is rolling out in waves so its download numbers will likely continue to rise. Additionally, it will take some time for enterprises (who have to pay to upgrade) to make decisions on the new operating system. Bank of America has plans to move their large set of devices over to Windows 10 and if other businesses follow suit, we’ll see the install numbers increase in chunks.
Download numbers and market share percentages aren’t the only indicators of success of an operating system but it is a positive sign for Microsoft that Windows 10 is being adopted by so many users. As oft reported, Microsoft has a goal of 1 billion devices within two or three years. While many of those will be IoT devices, tablets, and phones, it’s important for Windows 10 to have a large PC user base if it’s ever going to reach that ten figure goal.

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