Windows 10 Quick Guide is available on-line right now

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Windows 10 Quick Guide

Windows 10 is set to be released on July 29th, just two days from now. You can get a taste of the launch buzz right now because the “Quick Guide” for Windows 10 has been leaked online.

The fourteen page guide is a brief introduction to the features being bundled in to Windows 10. If you’ve been following along with the “10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10” video series you’ll know exactly what to expect. The guide covers things like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Multi-tasking, Continuum, etc. Throughout the document, there is an emphasis on performance and special mention is given to how well Windows 10 has been tested by Windows Insiders.

It seems that with Windows 10, Microsoft is making sure to avoid the mistakes made with Windows 8; where new features weren’t clearly documented. Microsoft has an awful lot hinging on Windows 10, so it’s good to see they’re not taking any chances this time.

Thanks for all the tips, guys!

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