Windows 10 Night Light isn’t coming to Windows 10 Mobile… yet, says Dona Sarkar

Laurent Giret

Dona Sarkar

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If you’ve been following the news around the latest Windows 10 Insider builds recently, you may have noticed that most of the new cool features have been released exclusively on PCs, leaving phone users with not much to play with. Of course, Microsoft has never guaranteed feature-parity between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, but so far still it’s hard to know if the upcoming Creators Update will bring significant improvements to our Windows phones this spring.

As an example, Microsoft introduced a blue light filter in the Preview build 15002 for PCs, a great usability feature (which has since been renamed “Night Light”) that has yet to be released on mobile builds. In a new interview with Neowin, Head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar shared that the team still needs to collect more feedback from desktop users before rolling it out to mobile devices. She explained:

We have to figure out timelines, right? We have to see first, how does that feature do on desktop? And if the feedback is good, we’re like, okay, yeah – that seems like a good idea for Mobile as well. But if the feature doesn’t get the kind of feedback that we need to say, okay, yeah, that’s a feature that people love, that they’re using, we’re getting data on, then we wouldn’t expand it to Mobile. What we don’t like to do is pull things out.

Sarkar declined to confirm if Night Light will make it to the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update this spring, but she reiterated that the mobile OS is still fully supported by the company.”We’re definitely going towards more ‘let’s help you be as productive as possible with this device in your pocket that you have all the time on you’. We roll builds every week [to internal or external rings], we push features, we do the thing; it’s a thing that we continue to invest in, just like all device families,” she added.