Windows 10 Insider build 17063 picks up six new known issues -
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Windows 10 Insider build 17063 picks up six new known issues

Microsoft yesterday added six new known issues to the changelog for Windows 10 Insider build 17063. Issues range from PCs bug checking while in connected standby, Bluetooth devices not working, and more.

Please see the additions below (the full list of known issues can be seen here):

  • ADDED 1/4/18: Some PCs will bugcheck (GSOD) when entering into Connected Standby.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: When you open Task View immediately after an upgrade, Timeline may not be visible. If you encounter this, wait 15-30min and try launching Task View again.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: We’re investigating an issue where some Bluetooth devices don’t work on this build and Device Manager shows error 43 for these drivers.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: The Settings app may crash on certain pages if the Settings window isn’t big enough. Windows Update Settings is one of the pages impacted. If you’re experiencing this, maximizing the Settings window (so it’s full screen) will resolve it.
  • ADDED 1/4/18: In certain cases, USB devices with unreliable connections may cause bugchecks (GSOD) on PCs.

These come after Microsoft added three known issues to the same list back on December 21st. Anyway, there are plenty more bugs and other issues that need smashing in this build. Dona Sarkar revealed yesterday that Microsoft is still catching up on all the bug reports sent in by Windows Insiders over the holidays, and that there would be no new builds this week.

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