Windows 10 Fall Creators Update reaches 92.1% install base in latest AdDuplex stats

As we’re all waiting for Microsoft to release the next major Windows 10 release, the propagation of the Fall Creators Update is still ongoing according to the AdDuplex report for April 2018. This month, the cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps and games says that 92.1% of Windows 10 PCs are running the latest version of Windows 10, up 1.7% points.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update reaches 92.1% install base in latest AdDuplex stats - - April 26, 2018

As you know, AdDuplex’s data is based on 5,000 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK, so it’s not a perfect reflection of the Windows 10 ecosystem. Indeed, Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said last month that only 60% of the 600 million active Windows 10 devices were running the Fall Creators Update in March, which is much lower than AdDuplex’s numbers.

Unfortunately, Microsoft still doesn’t share detailed data about Windows 10 adoption, so AdDuplex’s data is pretty much the best we have as of today. Moreover, we’ve also noticed that the Windows and Microsoft Store trends page, which Microsoft initially published to help devs draw their own insights has now disappeared, even though Microsoft still mentions it on its developer website.

Since Microsoft announced 600 million active Windows devices last month, it’s unlikely that we’ll get an update at Build 2018 next month, though you never know. It also remains to be seen if Microsoft will wait for the developer conference to release the much-anticipated April Update, which would be a first for the company.

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