Wileyfox, who brought a Windows Phone to market late last year, is now in financial trouble

Since Microsoft put Windows 10 Mobile in maintenance mode last year, very few companies have been interested in launching new Windows phones on the market. German company Trekstor tried to do it through a crowdfunding campaign a couple of months ago, and its failure surprised no one.

On the other hand, we had Wileyfox, a UK-based company which launched a new Windows 10 Mobile handset called the Wileyfox Pro back in December. The young smartphone maker, which is mostly known for its low-cost Android phones went as far as marketing its first Windows 10 Mobile handset as a “game changer” in a video teaser.

Unfortunately, Wileyfox now appears to be in financial trouble. Yesterday, a former Wileyfox employee revealed on Reddit that Wileyfox Europe Limited was now in administration. The company confirmed the news today in a statement shared with Techcrunch:

The purpose of the administration is to restructure the Wileyfox Group, reduce its cost base in Europe and to ensure its long term future across all the markets it operates in. Regretfully, as a result of this, certain redundancies have been inevitable in WFE and the Wileyfox Group is working with those affected to ensure they have the support needed to find alternative employment.

The Wileyfox Group is committed to working with partners, distributors and customers in Europe to ensure, as far as possible, uninterrupted support and service for Wileyfox mobile handsets in the market, as well as outline the Group’s future plans in this core market.

It's still not clear what this means for the future of Wileyfox, but you should probably avoid purchasing the company's smartphone these days. As a matter of fact, the listing for the Wileyfox Pro on Amazon UK indicates that the handset now ships within 2 to 5 months. For a brand new handset that launched in December, that's really not a good sign.

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