This new Xbox One owner's setup is truly bizarre

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One of the best things about Microsoft’s new Xbox One S console is that it can be stored both horizontally and vertically depending on the owner’s preference. One way it’s not meant to be stored though is as a stand for a television set as seen by one Reddit user earlier today.

The photo comes from a Twitter account they follow (unfortunately not mentioned or linked to in the post) which tweeted the image of their gaming setup. While being fairly space-efficient, having a TV such as the one pictured on top of an Xbox One S is dangerous due to both the weight of the monitor and the fact that the stand is covering the console’s air vent which is used to cool its interiors.

Judging by the number of PlayStation controllers next to the TV, it’s possible the owner isn’t exactly a fan of Xbox and is trying to punish it but it’s also equally likely that this is an innocent mistake made by someone who doesn’t know any better. What do you think? Have you ever seen a bizarre video game console setup like this before? Share your theories and sightings with the site community in the comments below.

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