The Xbox One X Wireless module may have just passed FCC clearance

The Xbox One X was the Belle of the ball when Microsoft unveiled it during this year's E3, but - contrary to most peoples' expectations - there was no opportunity to pre-order there. This was, at the time, blamed on the fact that the FCC hadn't yet cleared everything on the console, making it unfit for sale. According to a bit of reporting from Neowin and a touch of guesswork, we can conclude that this issue is about to clear up.

A device with model number 1817 - some kind of wireless module - has been cleared through the FCC recently. To our knowledge, the Xbox One X is the only device in the works that would need this kind of clearance at the moment, and so we can safely assume that it's one of the last bits of technology that needed to get cleared.

Like the folks at Neowin, we're under the impression that pre-orders will open up for the device during Gamescom next month. The annual conference is considered by many to be the most announcement-heavy conference next to E3, and frequently has plenty of new games and other gaming-related news break there.


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