The first wave of Windows 10 apps using the Desktop Bridge are headed for the Windows Store

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A bunch of UWP apps are being released in the Windows Store today, including Evernote, Arduino IDE, PhotoScape, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, and more. New apps show up in the Windows Store every day, but there is something special about these apps because they aren't entirely new. What is special about these apps is they are the first wave of Classic Windows apps converted into UWP apps via the Desktop Windows App converter.

The Desktop Bridge was one of the many bridges Microsoft began building to help developers convert their existing apps into UWP apps for Windows 10. The bridges had names like Project Astoria (the now defunct bridge for Android) and Project Islandwood (the alive and kicking bridge for iOS apps). One bridge, called Project Centennial, was developed to convert Classic Windows Apps, such as Win32 apps, into UWP apps.

Terry Myerson talking about Desktop App Converter at Build 2016
Terry myerson talking about desktop app converter at build 2016

Back during Build 2016, Microsoft announced the Desktop App Converter (previously known as Project Centennial) and a 5-step path for developers to convert their Classic Windows apps into UWP apps. Microsoft then started opening up the process of publishing these converted desktop apps in the Windows Store last month. All of this leads to today and the first wave of converted desktop apps starting to appear in the Windows Store.

The first batch of converted Classic Windows apps includes:

  • Evernote
  • Arduino IDE
  • Double Twist
  • PhotoScape
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
  • Virtual Robotics Kit
  • Relab
  • SQL Pro
  • Voya Media
  • Predicted Desire
  • korAccount

Not all of that list is live yet. Microsoft said the apps will appear in the Windows Store over the next few days. At the time of writing this article, it looked like Evernote, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, and SQL Pro are available to download. You can download these three apps from the links below.

Microsoft had some announcements for developers as well regarding the Desktop Bridge. The Desktop App Converter is now available for free in the Windows Store. Microsoft also announced IntallShield, FireGiant, and Caphyon's Windows installer technologies will include support for the Desktop Bridge.

While some of the bridges haven't worked out as originally planned, hopefully, the continued success of the Desktop App Converter bridge will strengthen the diversity of apps in the Windows Store.

Developer: ‪Evernote‬
Price: Free

Movie edit pro plus windows store edition
Movie edit pro plus windows store edition
Developer: ‪MAGIX Software GmbH‬
Price: Code needed

Sql pro guide
Sql pro guide
Developer: ‪808 Apps‬
Price: $0.99

Desktop app converter
Desktop app converter
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

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