Taskbar flyout bug fixed in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 update

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Taskbar flyout bug fixed in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 update

When Build 10130 of Windows 10 launched in late May, it brought with it several new improvements. Among the most appreciated by early adopters of Microsoft’s new operating system were the addition of full-screen video viewing in the new Edge browser and the ability to pin and unpin browser panes.

There were some issues with 10130 though that Microsoft has been aware of since it launched and has publicly acknowledged;

Mail app may crash due to a memory error, and may not synch mail when in the background. We plan to service this issue with an update via Windows Update.

In some cases, flyouts from the Taskbar (including Start, Cortana, Network, Battery, and Action Center) fail to fly out. This is a transient issue, and after retrying a few times it will succeed. We are also working to service this issue with an update.

Wi-Fi connectivity may fail at times due to a known issue. A system reboot is required to recover from this state.

Fortunately for users, the Mail app crash issue has already been fixed with a recent update and today another update has gone live which fixes the Windows 10 Taskbar flyout problems.

Micorosft continues to improve the Windows 10 Insider Preview with each update, gradually building towards the eventual stable and bug-free proper release in July. Are you running Windows 10 Insider Preview on your computer? Do you think it’ll be ready by next month for the average consumer? Share your thoughts with other users in the comments below.   

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