Surface Pro battery replacement will cost you nearly $470, other components just as pricey

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Do you own a Microsoft Surface Pro? Well, if you do, try not to blow out the battery or damage your screen, because the chances of you getting a replacement component will cost you an arm and a leg. You might as well purchase another Surface device.

A question was emailed to us recently asking if Microsoft offered a replacement deal on any Surface Pro component, more specifically the battery, after the warranty has expired. We investigated the issue and found out that Microsoft offers "replacements" to the device itself, rather than the components, will range from $450 to $470!

For example, lets say that your battery becomes fried, the screen is cracked, or your SSD dies out. All you have to do is utilize the "Microsoft Complete" warranty that you purchased from Microsoft's Online store, which can only be purchased for $99 dollars within 45 days of your Surface device purchase.

For those without a Microsoft Complete warranty, Microsoft offers a replacement device for "less than the cost of buying a new unit" which will run you around $450 to $470, depending on if you use the self-service or not, and you also pay for shipping. Two to three weeks later, you receive the replacement unit.

Its not surprising that iFixit scored the Surface Pro as a "1" out of "10" when it comes to repairability, so just be warned. If your Surface Pro gets damaged in some way, you are pretty much screwed! Take extra good care of that device!

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