Microsoft's Surface Pro device gets the teardown treatment, see whats under the hood!

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Surface Pro breakdown

Microsoft's Surface Pro has been out for a few days now, and while most consumers are having issues obtaining one due to it being out of stock, some of the lucky ones have been able to get their hands on it. The guys over at iFixit have given the new Surface Pro the teardown treatment showing us exactly whats under the hood!

iFixit were able to take out the SSD, among its other components, and snag its specs up close and personal. "The Micron RealSSD C400 packs 64 GB of storage capacity. It can read 500MB/s and write 95 MB/s — all in a tiny 1.8" form factor," the report states. To make matters worse, iFixit has rated the Surface Pro a "1" out of "10" in terms of repairability (10 being the easiest). In other words, if it breaks, you are screwed. If you are interested in seeing all the components up close and personal, hit the source link!

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