Surface Pro 4 helps Lab Machinist Solutions innovate and create everywhere they go

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
Email Twitter: @MiCottuli Mar 10th, 2016 inNews

The introduction of the Surface and Surface Book has done wonders for changing the way that people do their work, whether it be the work of a college student, a business executive, or even the folks here at WinBeta. Microsoft loves to show off how the Surface is revolutionizing productivity for people, and they’ve shone a spotlight on Ryan Spoering, someone whose entire workflow has been streamlined by the Surface Pro 4.

Ryan taught Organic Chemistry at Harvard for over ten years and brought his passion for science and problem solving into his company, Lab Machinist solutions. He works with CAD and the tools in his own workshop to create custom tools for scientists, making up for a lack of craftsmanship that has been brought about by science’s tendency to grow “unmanageably complex.” With the Surface Pro 4, Ryan has been able to take his work with him so that he can better collaborate with his clients in person, improving the quality of his final product immensely.

Beyond his work at Lab Machinist solutions, Ryan’s life has been improved by the Surface Pro 4 because of its ability to work with artists. Ryan used to eat through notebooks taking down notes and doing drawings in pencil, but with the Surface Pro 4, he draws every day with the same natural feeling of pen and paper – just none of the same drawbacks.

Ryan is a craftsman of the highest tier, and it’s great to see that he’s been able to elevate his productivity and even have a bit of fun with the Surface Pro 4. With the growing popularity of the Surface line of products, we can look forward to more and more stories that show by just how much the lives of everyone are being made easier and more productive.

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