Surface Pro 3 helps District Attorney replace paper

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The Surface Pro 3 has helped tremendously in reshaping the public opinion surrounding Microsoft’s hybrid computing device. When the Surface Pro line first came to market, the device was criticized for its untimely entry to market, its Frankenstein-like operating system, unorthodox hardware and lack of marketing focus. Three years later, the Surface Pro line has matured into servicing several niche markets. From pilots to artists, people are finding uses for Microsoft’s hybrid vision. The hardware design of the Surface Pro 3 specifically, has helped push the Surface line into even more markets.
We’ve been reporting on the successful Surface Pro 3 transitions of many businesses for quite some time now, and it looks like more stories are on the way. Deputy District Attorney of Riverside County in California, Luigi Monteleone discusses the many virtues of using the Surface Pro 3 as a District Attorney.

Right around 8:20 every morning, you’ll see about ten, fifteen DA’s carrying this rolling cart behind them. Stacked to the brim, sometimes two buckets on top of each other. All of our notes, all of this data that’s just sitting there in a bucket going back and forth. And files get lost --- we need to recreate them, we have to print them out. And to cut out that much movement of our really important data was a goal of mine.

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Aside from reducing the amount of risk involved with carting paperwork and data back and forth from the office, Monteleone is also a fan of the pen and paper-like experience the Surface Pro 3 offers. “I’ve always used pen and paper. I’m a firm believer that handwriting is the way to learn, is the way to remember things. Don’t reinvent the stylus.” Using the inking functions of the Surface Pro 3 combined with OneNote implementation, Monteleone argues that the Surface Pro 3 becomes and an ideal replacement for the traditional yellow note pads found in legal settings.

Being an entirely capable computer, the Surface Pro 3 also transitions into an excellent presentation and communications tool in the courtroom. Enabling Bluetooth device set up as wells presentation modes for Office suite products allows lawyers to use a single device for all of their court needs. Since running a pilot program throughout his office, Monteleone has completely replaced his entire workstation with the Surface Pro 3 and related peripherals.
[pullquote align="left" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]I can’t image practicing law  without the Surface Pro 3[/pullquote]
Monteleone concludes with perhaps the most useful anecdote for his Surface Pro 3 experience, “I’ve been able to not have to take a file to court in about eighteen and a half months now. I can’t image practicing law without the Surface Pro 3.”

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