Coffman Engineers choose Surface Pro 3 as their workhorse

Surface Pro 3

Engineering is a field where laptops have ruled because tablets just haven’t been up to the demands of the industry. We previously told you about how Trlby Innovative, an industrial design and manufacturing business, is rolling out Surface Pro 3 tablets throughout the company. Today, Microsoft informs us that Coffman Engineers are following in their footsteps by deploying the "power tablet" to all staff members.

Engineers are particularly impressed with the continuity experience that Surface Pro 3 affords. They can use the device hooked up to a dock with a monitor, keyboard and mouse in the office and when they need to go out in to the field, they just take the tablet out of the dock. Engineering devices need to be able to handle large files in real time and this is something the Surface tablet is more than capable of. Engineers will be using Surface Pro 3 on the road to run processor intensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3D software like SolidWorks.

The company tried several other devices over the years, but most ended up being too small, slow or clunky. Wes Peper, the Corporate IT Manager of Coffman Engineers, was impressed by the power of the Surface tablet:

We have engineers running some pretty intensive programs, and they didn’t believe me at first that Surface Pro 3 could run what they needed. But now they love this thing. There is nothing like Surface Pro 3 on the market. An iPad couldn’t even come close to this.

The company has also converted over to using OneNote so that staff can share information quickly. OneNote, when combined with the Surface’s digital pen, efficiently takes the place of the paper based note system the company had previously.

With more and more companies “seeing the light” when it comes to the abilities of Surface Pro 3, others may notice what the device is capable of and begin rolling them out to employees as well. Hopefully, when Microsoft finally releases the much-rumored Surface Pro 4, there will be an even healthier demand for its new tablet.

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