Submerged arrives on Xbox One, August 7

Staff Writer


Submerged, a beautiful looking game built with Unreal Engine 4, is making its way to Xbox One on Aug. 7. In this combat-free game, the player controls Miku who is trapped in a mysterious flooded ancient city. Miku must navigate the city using a fishing boat in search of supplies to save her wounded brother. As she travels through the city, overgrown buildings need to be scaled and puzzles solved to accomplish her objectives. Along the way, she encounters the mysterious inhabitants of the city, the Remnants, and pieces together the story of what happened to the city.

This third-person game by Uppercut Games boasts several features:

  • Huge beautiful environments – With the Unreal engine powering it, the game has large, detailed and colorful vistas.
  • Hidden objects – When Miku finds these, it will help her piece together the story of the city.
  • Music -The music was composed by BAFTA Award Winner Jeff Van Dyck.

This is just one of many games coming down the tracks for the Xbox One. With Xbox performing well in the recent earnings report and Windows 10 coming to the Xbox One, these are exciting times for Microsoft’s gaming division.