Some AMD PCs won’t boot properly after installing latest Windows 10 security patch

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When word got out on an exploit in AMD and Intel Processors, Microsoft and other tech giants were quick to respond and patch their systems or devices. Although Microsoft issued an emergency Windows Update to address the issue, it is apparently causing more harm than good for those with AMD PCs (via Neowin.)

Some users are reporting that their older AMD based PCs with Athlon processors will no longer boot into Windows after installing the latest KB4056892 security patch. Their devices instead give a roll-back error, 0x800f0845, with no way to go back and restore. It’s an issue that is well noted on the Microsoft Support forum, where over 457 people have marked that they have the same question/problem.

Top comments in the forum state that the best fix for those experiencing the problem is to clean install Windows 10 and then disable or pause Windows Updates to prevent KB4056892 from being installed. Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the issues or reply the support forum, but that is likely to change soon. Be sure to keep tuned for more updates.

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