Skype removes Snapchat-inspired "Highlights" feature from its mobile app -
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Skype removes Snapchat-inspired "Highlights" feature from its mobile app

The latest update for Skype on iOS and Android has dropped the mobile-only Highlights feature that used to have a dedicated icon in the app’s bottom navigation bar. Skype Highlights were an uninspired attempt to copy Snapchat's popular Stories format, and it’s safe to assume that trying to transform Skype into a social network didn’t really resonate with the core user base.

“We heard your feedback and have taken a step back to simplify Skype,” the Skype team explained on the Microsoft Community website. “With this approach you'll see that we've removed the Highlights feature. We now have very focused navigation with Chats, Calls, and Contacts, making it even easier for you to engage on Skype.”

In addition to the simplified navigation on mobile, Microsoft is also rolling out private conversations on all platforms with the latest public version of Skype ( As a reminder, this feature lets you have end-to-end encrypted chats and audio calls with any of your contact running the latest version of Skype, though be aware that encrypted conversations are only accessible from one device at a time.

Last but not least, Microsoft has also updated the Skype icon which now uses slightly different shades of blue. Do you like this new version of Skype, and do you think Microsoft was right to get rid of Skype Highlights? Let us know below.

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Skype removes Snapchat-inspired "Highlights" feature from its mobile app - - August 29, 2018
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