Show your Windows 10 pride with these new official t-shirts

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Show your windows 10 pride with these new official t-shirts

Are you enjoying Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system and want to share your hype with the world? Then why not pick up one of the new official Windows t-shirts being sold through the Microsoft Store. Each sells relatively cheaply for around US$10 and there’s some pretty cool, though equally geeky, designs to choose from.

New windows 10 t-shirts

From the range of new Windows t-shirts are ones showcasing the operating system’s evolving logo over the years, another portraying the universal computer power on symbol modified to incorporate the number 10, a Windows 1985 design (referencing the year Windows 1.0 launched), as well as several slogans or catchphrases like “Eat, Sleep, Do”, “I Do”, and “Never Stop Starting” among others.

The windows 10 logo is the tardis?!

While these t-shirts may be obvious ways for Microsoft to promote their brand, the designs aren’t bad at all and are relatively cheap compared to many other branded t-shirts. The choice of blue as the base color for these Windows 10 t-shirts was a good choice though it must be said that with the gridded Windows 10 logo printed on the blue, the designs do bare a remarkable resemblance to the TARDIS from the popular Sci-Fi show, Doctor Who. Maybe one of the designers is a fan or maybe it’s a coincidence but there definitely are some visual similarities. Funnily enough, while searching for a Doctor Who t-shirt to use in this article on, I discovered that doing a search for “Microsoft” on their site brings up Doctor Who t-shirts featuring the TARDIS. The plot thickens!

These new Windows 10 t-shirts join the numerous Minecraft, Halo and previous Windows designs that are still available as of this posting. Which one do you like the most? Are you the type of person who would wear a branded t-shirt like this or do you prefer more subtle forms of support? Is Bill Gates a Time Lord? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.  

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