Seattle's new KING 5 TV studios the first to use Microsoft's Surface Hub

KING 5, the broadcast media company and NBC affiliate based in Seattle has just moved into new three-floor headquarters including the latest technology. Two KING 5 news anchors just gave our colleagues at Geekwire a sneak peak of their new TV studio and newsroom, which features a Microsoft Surface Hub with its 84-inch touch-screen and an iteration of Windows 10 that's optimized for large-screen applications.

The Surface Hub is Microsoft's solution aimed at enabling advanced collaboration solutions, by reimagining the company's own Pixel Sense technology. The Surface Hub utilizes the giant touchscreen, array microphones, dual cameras, and special software functionality to enable groups to share and interact with information in conference rooms and across distances. Last year, Microsoft announced price hikes and delayed shipping dates for its Surface Hub portfolio, and the last time we checked the first Surface Hub devices were supposed to ship to customers in early 2016.

Microsoft Surface Hub King 5 Geekwire

KING 5 is now the first TV station that is using Microsoft’s Surface Hub, and it's an interesting application because Microsoft has so far primarily marketed the device as an enterprise-focused collaboration tool designed for meeting rooms. But as the Surface Hub runs a specialized version of Windows 10, developers can create custom applications utilizing its various capabilities, and a Microsoft spokesperson told Geekwire that KING 5 will be able to "not only use the touchscreen for maps and Internet capabilities, but also connect directly with reporters in the field, lending itself to more cohesive and collaborative storytelling."

The team is inauguring this new TV studio today. If you live in the Seattle are, you may well see KING 5 news anchors interact with their Surface Hub during upcoming broadcasts.

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