Screenshots of the upcoming Office version leaked, shows a totally new dark theme

Office 2013

Microsoft is holding an event on September 30th where the software giant is said to showcase the next version of Windows, as well as the release of the Windows Technical Preview. It's not too irrational to assume that Microsoft's next version of Office suite is in the pipeline. According to the folks at The Verge, citing people familiar with the plans, Microsoft is seeding the technical preview of the next version of Office to partners and testers, with several new features and enhancements on board.

Firstly, Clippy is not present but there's a no feature dubbed as Tell Me helper, which is also present in the online Office apps. It resides on the top of the document and acts as a search and help feature, allowing users to find out about new features -- it functions like Clippy, but there's no animated character. 


There are no interface changes in the screenshots leaked, but a new black theme is present, which is said to be one of the most requested feature for Office 2013. The black theme isn't default, users have the option to choose from a light gray, dark gray, white and black theme. 

Other features included in the preview is automatic image rotation allowing office to automatically adjust the inserted image based on the camera's orientation, as well as more sync options for Outlook email client.

There's no word if we'll get a sneak peek of the next version of Microsoft's Office at the event later this month, but anything can happen.

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