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Microsoft reveals three new companies who ditched Google Apps for Office 365

Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft recently put up a video as well as a blog post highlighting why using Google Apps is similar to taking a gamble. Microsoft touts Google Apps as a platform that compromises an organization's security and privacy. Today, Microsoft reveals three new companies who have jumped on board the Office 365 bandwagon.

Microsoft places WiFi hotspots in Forbes Magazine to push Office 365

WiFi hotspot

Microsoft has confirmed that they have taken a new route to promoting Office 365: WiFi hotspots in select Forbes magazines! These T-Mobile connected routers offer the recipient 15 days of wireless access and can accommodate up to 5 devices. Before use, they require 3 hours of charging via a Micro-USB cable

Watch this! Microsoft highlights OneNote and PowerPoint in two new Office 365 ads (video)

Microsoft has released two new video advertisements for its Office 365 subscription-based productivity suite. These two new videos highlight an app that comes in the suite.

In the first video, Microsoft highlights OneNote and how it can help you keep track of your important notes and events. "When Mom, CEO of the household, is sick, see how Dad comes to the rescue using OneNote," the video description reads.