From the rumor mill: Microsoft to reduce the price of Windows 8 for OEMs

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WinBeta Windows 8

A new report is indicating that Microsoft may reduce the price of Windows 8 for OEMs, in an attempt to push forth new and smaller form factors to consumers. In fact, Microsoft may reduce the price of Windows 8 to "help spur the development of small, touch-enabled laptop computers."

"The Microsoft discounts are particularly tailored for portables with small displays that would likely appear this fall, these people said. Such discounts could help reduce the price and increase the appeal of laptop computers running Windows 8, which was released last fall and offers a new touch-based computer interface," the Wall Street Journal states. If true, this could help boost the market share of Windows 8, which has seen a slow increase since its release a little over four months ago. Microsoft is also working on Windows Blue, which is set to be an upgrade to Windows 8 and is rumored to offer improved features. Microsoft's attempt in reducing the price will jump start sales of notebook and tablet devices running that operating system. Keep this as a rumor until official details are announced.

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