Rudy Huyn wants Windows 10 Insider program to drop the Feedback Hub, switch to UserVoice -
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Rudy Huyn wants Windows 10 Insider program to drop the Feedback Hub, switch to UserVoice

With Windows 10, Microsoft has taken gathering user feedback and incorporating it into software development to a new level. The Windows Insiders program has brought earlier and more frequent builds to millions of Insiders, and consolidated feedback into a single Feedback Hub app that is easily available for those on the latest builds of Windows 10.

However, the Feedback Hub isn't getting universal love, and noted Windows app developer Rudy Huyn couldn't contain his frustration yesterday and let loose a mini rant on Twitter:

In subsequent tweets, Huyn complains about screenshots not being available, inability to send suggestions if you're not a Windows Insider, the constraints of Feedback Hub "links" (they only work if you are on Windows 10, and you have to wrap them in HTML to make them clickable, in a blog post or on Twitter, for example).

UserVoice is an independent product management platform used to gather and process feedback, and it was actually used by Windows 10 for Insider feedback until the switch to the Feedback Hub until Microsoft moved away from it last October.

Here at WinBeta, we've been frustrated by being unable to easily link to Feedback Hub sources, knowing that a good portion of our readership is still on pre-Windows 10 devices, so we feel that pain, as do others.

One Twitter user even suggested that Microsoft buy UserVoice and switch back. While we don't think that's going to happen, here's our upvote for making improvements to the Feedback Hub that are more inclusive for non-Insiders, and easier to use

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