Rockstar Games confirms “Grand Theft Auto 6” is in the works

Kevin Okemwa

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Grand Theft Auto

In a tweet, Rockstar games announced that they are finally working on a new entry for the Grand Theft Auto series, There’s not a lot of information to go by based on the announcement, but gamers can finally rest assured that there will be an addition to the series. (via Windows Central)

It is yet to be established when the entry will be released. The title of this release is also unknown, although if the previous titles are anything to go by then it is likely to be called ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’.

The announcement was made shortly after Rockstar Games made substantial improvements on their GTA V entry by incorporating ray-tracing graphics as well as enhanced 3D audio, among other features.

The game is allegedly set to be released between 2024 and 2025. However, we have to wait for further clarification and additional information in regards to the new entry in the auto series from Rockstar Games.