Rise of the Tomb Raider sets a PC date: January 28th

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available in the Windows Store, Steam, and other retailers for Windows 10 PCs starting January 28th. While it will be available for all modern versions of Windows, there are special Windows 10-specific features; including 4k resolution support, and new VXAO technology, provided by a special partnership with NVIDIA.

Scot Amos, co-head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics explained the Rise of the Tomb Raider Windows 10 PC release:

"The PC release of Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the positive momentum from our highly successful partnership and collaboration with Microsoft for the launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360."

Mike Ybarra also confirmed that Xbox Achievements will be available for Rise of the Tomb Raider on Windows PC.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara travels to Siberia to search for the lost city of Kitezh. Lara must contend with the evil Trinity organization to uncover the secret of immortality buried deep within Kitezh. Instead of falling victim to Trinity's race for the key to immortality, Lara uses her wide range of survival skills and improvised combat skills to flip the script on Trinity and become the predator instead of the prey.

Download Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One ($59.99)

Download Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360 ($38.49)

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